iPresas celebrates a decade of business

A decade of promoting risk analysis in the management of dams and other civil infrastructures

In January 2011 a small team of entrepreneurs founded iPresas, one of the first spin-off companies of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). Our great challenge: to demonstrate that better management of our infrastructures is possible. Our team’s enthusiasm, even greater.

The journey began with projects that supported the management of dam safety through the use of risk analysis techniques, our signature brand from conception.

Throughout this time iPresas, backed by years of experience, has opened new lines of business by transferring our risk analysis methodology to other civil infrastructures, including linear works, renewable energy parks, water supply systems, as well as flood risk management and other natural disasters.

We can therefore proudly say that we have broadened our horizons, celebrating today 10 years of offering technical consultancy services, creating our own tools, developing research projects and training professionals.

Currently, iPresas is composed of a multidisciplinary team that has been growing in numbers and experience over the years. Thanks to this team, during the past 10 years more than 120 dams have been analysed and inspected and more than 40 technical consultancy projects have been developed. Our services have been provided in 15 different countries, highlighting the international profile of the company.

All this without forgetting our solid commitment to R&D, reinforced during recent years by research related to climate change and risk governance, and with the ongoing development of new online risk analysis tools.

We continue to train professionals thanks to multiple courses related to risk management of infrastructure that have been created in both online and offline formats. For this reason, iPresas’ team have set a benchmark in training, capacity building and knowledge dissemination activities.

Finally, we would like to thank our clients for providing the opportunities to work alongside them, acquire knowledge of new cultures and philosophies, and collaborate with all kinds of entities, governments and multilateral organizations. iPresas recognises and appreciates the enthusiasm and support of all those who have placed their trust in us during our first 10 years.

We celebrate this anniversary with you, full of enthusiasm and looking forward to new challenges to come.



iPresas Team