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Discover our tools iPresas Calc and iPresas NIRMAN, designed for the calculation, evaluation and management of risks in dams and critical infrastructure. We invite you to try our free demo versions and discover first-hand how these tools can revolutionise your approach to risk management.



At iPresas, we have developed innovative software to transform governance and decision making in the critical infrastructure sector. Our goal is to integrate complex risk analysis into an accessible and practical interface.

With iPresas Calc and iPresas NIRMAN we address everything from detailed risk calculation to strategic management at the portfolio level. These tools represent our vision of more efficient and transparent risk management, adapted to today’s challenges, including the effects of climate change and the need to prioritise investments in an informed manner.

We offer solutions that go beyond traditional analysis, enabling our clients to visualise, compare and act on risks effectively and with complete confidence in their decisions.

The iPresas software is provided as a complementary tool along with the development of pilot cases and includes extensive documentation and examples (in Spanish and English). These tools make it easier to calculate risk and derive the optimal sequence of safety investment measures. In addition, our team has experience in the ad hoc development of specific risk calculation and management tools.

iPresas Calc

iPresas Calc is a software for the calculation of risks by means of event trees represented in a compact form by influence diagrams. It is a tool with a logically structured system, which integrates all aspects related to infrastructure safety. Its main features are:

  • An intuitive graphical interface with capacity to integrate the probability of occurrence of loads, the system response and the consequences through the use of influence diagrams.
  • The capability to analyze a broad range of loads hypotheses (hydrological, seismic…).
  • The decomposition of the problem in different failure modes (including advanced settings as Common Cause Adjustment).
  • The capability to model any type of consequences (loss of life, economic, total, incremental).
  • The high process capabilities to model arbitrarily large event trees.

iPresas NIRMAN

iPresas NIRMAN (Natural and Infrastructure Risk Manager) is a SaaS platform developed to support safety management for a group of critical infrastructures based on the results of their risk models. This tool allows to compare uniformly all the infrastructures; to analyse them simultaneously and compare risk with international tolerability recommendations; to calculate different risk indicators; and to analyse, view and evaluate different prioritization strategies regarding safety investment. Its main features are:

  • Check the identified failure modes.
  • Display of risk results by failure mode or by risk type.
  • Allows homogeneous comparison of the risk between infrastructures, as well as comparison with international tolerability recommendations.
  • Prioritisation of risk reduction measures along time based on risk reduction indicators (CSLS, ACSLS, EWACSLS, etc.).
  • Considering climate change impact and the variation of the risk over time. 
  • Visualisation of the implementation itinerary of risk reduction measures and investment planning for the following years. 
  • Automatic risk analysis report for a single infrastructure or for the whole portfolio. 
  • Update risk results on a regular basis.


iPresas NIRMAN becomes a very useful tool to improve the infrastructure governance at a portfolio level, always guaranteeing the highest level of confidentiality and security. For more information, please contact us.


Download our software demo

Take the opportunity to download our demo software. Find out how to determine river flood risk and hydrological risk in dams. Apply the methodology to your infrastructure, prioritise actions and see how it can transform your approach to risk management.

iPresas Flood

iPresas Flood allows you to compute the risk of river flooding in urban areas and introduce these results in a ‘Cost-Benefit Analysis’.

  • iPresas Flood is a simplified version of the iPresas Calc software, designed to perform flood risk calculations (economic and social risk), including the possibility of upstream dam failure, and input these results into a Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • This innovative software has a clear and simple graphical interface and it is very useful to quantify the benefits along time of flood risk reduction investments and comparing them with their construction and maintenance costs.
  • In this way, it is possible to enhance the value of this type of investment, promoting a more robust flood risk management.

iPresas HidSimp

iPresas HidSimp is a software for the simplified calculation of hydrological risk in dams.

  • This simplified software allows you to obtain a first approximation of the failure probability and hydrological risk of a dam in a clear and simple way. To do this, the probability of occurrence of floods, their flood routing, the probability of dam failure due to overtopping and their consequences are integrated into an event tree.
  • iPresas HidSimp integrates different calculations within the same risk model, which allows to compare the impact of different mitigation measures on hydrological risk. It also allows different risk indicators to be calculated for each of the measures and the results to be compared with international tolerability recommendations, thus helping to make safety decisions.

iPresas Manager Simp

iPresas Manager Simp is a simplified software to support safety management for a group of infrastructures based on the results of their risk models.

  • This software is a simplified version of the iPresas NIRMAN platform, designed to compare all infrastructures homogeneously in terms of risk by using a set of risk indicators.
  • The software allows to compare infrastructures with international tolerability recommendations.
  • In addition, Manager Simp also allows you to visualize and evaluate different safety investment prioritisation strategies, being a very useful tool to improve infrastructure governance at a portfolio level.

Throughout the year, we offer webinars in which we explain the functionalities of our software and its application to real cases. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate and keep up to date with the latest iPresas news by registering a iPresas Connects.

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