R & D

Research and Development


iPresas develops projects aimed at research, development and innovation to improve and adapt the methods, tools and products offered to customers as part of a process of continuous improvement.


Our main research and development lines include activities related to the development of new tools and methodologies for:

  1. Promoting risk analysis applied to safety of dams and other infrastructures.
  2. Improving and promoting quantitative flood risk analysis in urban areas.
  3. Reducing risk of hydraulic infrastructures regarding natural and manmade  threats.
  4. Enabling the incorporation of disaster risk management in key sectors (water, energy, transport, etc.).
  5. Developing methodologies for evaluating infrastructure risk from the perspective of the insurance sector.

iPresas actively collaborates with the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Universitat Politècnica de València) in several research projects.

You will find further information regarding our research findings and most relevant applications in our publications, which include results derived from the latest works in the field of R+D+i.