About us

iPresas is a technology-based company and spin-off of the Universitat Politècnica de València whose objective is to support flood risk management and integrated safety of dams, as well as other infrastructures.  

Our team of engineers, with over 25 years of experience working in the field of dam safety and flood risk management, has developed an innovative methodology for calculating and analysing risk, which provides high value-added information for safety management decision-making, as well as for considering the impact of Climate Change on infrastructure.

We are leaders in the application of advanced Risk Analysis techniques. With the support of our software and the development of risk models we evaluate and prioritize risk reduction measures that enable infrastructure managers to invest more efficiently.

The main value of iPresas is our know-how regarding dam safety and natural hazard risk analysis. This knowledge has been acquired, applied and developed through various professional and research projects around the world. 

In line with our strong commitment to infrastructure resilience and the evolution of risk analysis, we have expanded our services to the mining industry to help companies reduce risk to the lowest level reasonably practicable, in line with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM).

All this without forgetting our solid commitment to R&D+i, reinforced in recent years by research into Climate Change and risk governance, and the ongoing development of new risk analysis and management tools.

Our history

iPresas was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the UPV, driven by the enthusiasm and the great challenge of improving dam safety management through risk analysis, and supported by its founders’ experience in this field since 1996.

Since then, we have grown steadily, expanding our business into other civil infrastructure such as tailings dams, ports, roads and bridges, as well as flood and natural disaster risk management. 

We owe this growth to the many projects we have undertaken internationally and to our innovation in risk analysis. Our methodologies have been used to develop infrastructure governance systems for various companies, governments and multilateral organisations at national and international levels. 

Our main milestones have been the development of specialised methodologies and software to analyse risks in critical infrastructure, contributing to better infrastructure management through risk-informed decision making. 

Over the years, our international expansion has been remarkable, with projects in more than 20 countries and the development of countless technical consultancies. This growth has been possible thanks to our multidisciplinary team, whose experience and skills have enabled us to analyse and inspect hundreds of dams.

Our drive for innovation doesn’t stop there. We have made significant efforts in research and development, focusing on critical areas such as Climate Change and risk governance. This includes the development of online platforms and the ongoing training of professionals in infrastructure risk management, positioning us as a leader in the field.

Our evolution has been driven by a strong mission and values that guide our commitment to infrastructure resilience, contributing to a safer and more sustainable world. Our recent achievements, clients, and vision for the future add to this ever-growing success story.


Development of the first version of the iPresas software


Establishment of the company and the signing of our first international contract


R&D+i on the integration of Climate Change impacts into risk analysis


Development of an online risk management platform (NIRMAN)


Our vision is to lead the way in the safety management of key civil infrastructure. We aim to be a global benchmark in risk analysis solutions, driving continuous innovation and setting a standard of excellence in the management of dams and other critical infrastructure. We are committed to helping create a safe and sustainable environment for all.


We support our clients in the comprehensive management of flood risks, natural hazards and the safety of dams and civil infrastructures by developing risk models and applying analytical techniques that help them to provide efficient governance and safer infrastructure for society. We are committed to being a collaborative partner, tailoring our solutions to unique challenges and working towards safer, more efficient and advanced infrastructure management around the world.


We are committed to providing a specialised service based on four core values. Firstly, innovation, as we are highly specialised in the application of advanced risk analysis techniques to support dam safety infrastructure management. Secondly, we are driven by excellence, providing high quality technical assistance to inform decision-making processes for infrastructure governance. Adaptability is fundamental to the way we work, adapting our services and products to the needs of our clients. Finally, our experience in projects developed worldwide allows us to offer a very proven approach to our processes.

Our Team

iPresas team is composed by a group of professionals (doctors, engineers and graduates) specialised in different areas of civil engineering, which allows us to offer customised solutions and adapt to the specific needs of each project and market.

We have over 25 years of experience in dam safety and flood risk management. We have developed an innovative methodology for calculating and analysing risk, which can provide high value-added information for decision making in critical infrastructure safety management.

Our certificates

iso 9001
iso 14001