iPresas has recently published a scientific paper on the impact of uncertainty in decision making for dam safety management

The journal paper has been published on July 2, 2019, in Reliability Engineering and System Safety in its volume 191.

The article, published by Adrián Morales Torres, Ignacio Escuder Bueno, Armando Serrano Lombillo and Jesica Castillo Rodríguez, with title “Dealing with epistemic uncertainty in risk-informed decision making for dam safety management”, includes an innovative methodology that allows analyzing the effect of uncertainty in decision-making and its impact on the prioritization of investments for dam safety management. This publication proposes a set of new indicators (Indexes of Coincidence) for evaluating the impact of existing natural and epistemic uncertainty on risk analyses applied to dam safety management, and the need for additional studies for its reduction.

The Reliability Engineering and System Safety journal is one of the reference journals within the Industrial engineering field, classified as Q1 in this category.

You may download the final version of this article by clicking on this link before August 27, 2019.