iPresas supports the development of the course “Disaster Risk Analysis and Climate Change in Infrastructure Projects” organized by the IDB

This certified course, which starts on October 1st, is online and free of charge.

Today begins the course “Disaster Risk Analysis and Climate Change in Infrastructure Projects”, organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). This course, which is online and completely free, has had the support of the iPresas team. Specifically, iPresas has helped to develop the syllabus that there will be taught within the course.

The course, aimed at professionals with a technical profile and intermediate experience, allows to strengthen the technical capacity and decision-making by incorporating risk analysis of natural disasters and resilience to climate change in the design of infrastructure projects.

What can we do to minimise the impact and damage caused by natural disasters? How can we ensure that the infrastructures of our city endanger as few people as possible? What kind of analysis prior to a project is necessary in order to be prepared to face future phenomena of climate change? Throughout the course, the student will be able to answer these and other related and increasingly important questions.

The course consists of the following 5 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Foundations of disaster risk management
  • Chapter 2: Qualitative risk analysis.
  • Chapter 3: Quantitative risk analysis.
  • Chapter 4: Decision making incorporating disaster risk and economic feasibility analysis in infrastructure projects.
  • Chapter 5: Governance of disaster risk and adaptation to climate change.

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