iPresas participates in the 13th ICOLD Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams

The 13th Benchmark Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Dams was held in Lausanne, the fifth-largest city in Switzerland, on September 9-11, 2015.

The Benchmark Workshop venue was the École Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne.
The Benchmark was organized by the ICOLD Committee on Computational Aspects of Analysis and Design of Dams. In this edition, about 80 delegates attended the event from different universities, research centers, private companies and management entities.

During the benchmark, two predefined themes and an open theme dedicated to Dam Safety were discussed. Theme A included seismic safety assessment of an arch dam and 10 different solutions were presented. Three different solutions were presented for Theme B, about failure probability in an earthfill dam. Finally, 20 presentations were included in Theme C.

Adrián Morales-Torres, CTO Projects & Developments of iPresas, chaired Session B during the event.

Further information is available at: http://icold2015bmw.epfl.ch