iPresas participates in CEATI’s 2012 Industry Workshop (Montreal)

CEATI brings electrical utility industry professionals together, through focused interest groups and collaborative projects, to identify and address technical issues that are critical to their organizations. Companies and organizations such as BC Hydro, Hydro-Quebec, Ontario Power Generation, ATCO, North American Hydro, Seattle City Light, Southern Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, USBR, USACE, Elforsk, E.ON and EDF, among others, were present at the Workshop.

This Workshop has provided an opportunity to share examples of how water managers and dam safety engineers are adapting to climate variability through improved planning studies, event preparation, infrastructure assessment and operations, using risk management systems.

The Workshop was divided into four sessions:

  1. Infrastructure Assessments,
  2. Operating through the Event,
  3. Emergency Preparedness Plans and Post Analysis System and
  4. Planning Studies and Tools.

Luis Altarejos-García, iPresas CTO-Projects made a presentation on “An Application of a Risk-Informed Approach to Dam Safety and Dam Management in Sweden: Hällby Dam Case Study”, which summarizes a two-year pilot project conducted by iPresas engineers for ELFORSK in Sweden, which will end by early 2013.

Link to CEATI Workshop website