iPresas gives a course on “Risk-informed dam safety management” in Colombia

During the training, participants developed a hydrological risk model using iPresas HidSimp software

Adrián Morales, CTO and partner of iPresas, gave a course on “Risk-informed dam safetymanagement to a group of engineers and technical staff of the Colombian entity EPM (Empresa Pública de Medellín).

The training, held from March 13th to 15th in the main offices of EPM in Medellín, it was structured in 3 consecutive work sessions with a total of 18 hours.

During these sessions, participants learned the key aspects on “Governance of dam safety and real cases on the Application of Risk Analysis techniques to inform decision-making on dam safety.

There was also a general review of the decision-making process in dam safety -combining deterministic standards and risk information- and a practical session for the elaboration of a complete hydrological risk model through the software iPresas HidSimp.

In this sense, Adrián Morales described the experience as very positive since he considers that the training can help to improve the public services of water, energy and natural gas that the entity offers and therefore “provide a better service to citizens”.

In fact, he highlights that the decision to the transfer of technology and knowledge aims to “optimize operating conditions and achieve greater environmental and economic sustainability”. For this reason, Adrián Morales wanted to thank EPM for their trust because “for iPresas’ team, it is a challenge that will help us to grow and improve”.


Empresas Públicas de Medellín is a Colombian industrial and commercial company owned by the municipality of Medellín, created in 1955.

It is a company that provides public services (energy, gas, water and telecommunications), being the largest in the Colombian sector.

Due to its good practices, EPM was chosen as the best company of the 20th century in Colombia. It currently has more than 11,000 workers and is present in Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador and Panama.


iPresas HidSimp

The iPresas HidSimp tool allows to estimate the dam failure probability due to overtopping following a simplified approach. With that purpose, event trees and influence diagrams are used to integrate all information regarding loads, system response and consequences form overtopping failure. The new version of this software tool was used during the course.