India’s risk analysis guidelines acquire special relevance after new law is approved

The Guidelines for assessing and managing risks associated with dams, coordinated by Ignacio Escuder Bueno and Adrián Morales Torres of iPresas, is a key document to implement the new legal framework in India after the recently enacted Act on Dam Safety.

This new act is a global milestone that incorporates cutting-edge scientific, technical and management issues. The main organisations that will be involved are the National Committee on Dam Safety, the National Dam Safety Authority, the State Committee on Dam Safety and the State Dam Safety Organisation.

The act also places a great responsibility on dam owners: having the minimum instrumentation for monitoring and surveillance of the dam, conducting periodic inspections, e.g. before and after the monsoon season, among others.

For further information on the new Dam Safety act in India, please check the article published by The Tribune at the following link.

These guidelines can be downloaded from this link.