iPresas celebrates 8 years of business

A new image with the same integrity

Eight years:
Providing engineering solutions…
Developing tools…
Training professionals…
to augment risk analysis techniques for dam safety and civil infrastructure management

As iPresas marks its eighth anniversary, we wanted to celebrate with a change: a new web design to show who we are and what we do. This window to the world reflects the current times whilst maintaining our company’s essence and integrity.

As part of this communication strategy, we will not publish new issues of our newsletter. From now on we will communicate with you only if you register at iPresas connects.

iPresas was founded in 2011 by a small group of entrepreneurs. It became one of the first spin-off companies of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain): a great challenge and a rewarding collaboration.

This adventure started with projects that supported dam safety management through the application of risk analysis techniques. Our personal approach to these projects is supported by years of experience and driven by the vision that better infrastructure management is possible.

Our activity at iPresas is now consolidated on a global scale. We have diversified our range of projects, not only covering all aspects of dam safety but also other civil infrastructures, including flood risk management and natural disasters.

iPresas has had the opportunity of working in many different countries, collaborating with public and private entities, owners and regulators, and with governments and multilateral organizations worldwide.

We have learnt, grown and advanced with many people who have joined us on our journey, resulting in the successful development of large-scale risk governance policies.

Not only have we contributed to prominent infrastructures worldwide, but we are also sought after for our training and development skills.

All this is the result of a long journey shared with many people, whom we would like to thank for their enthusiasm, confidence and courage.

It is with great excitement that we celebrate this milestone with you, as we recap on where iPresas began and envisage upcoming challenges.

The iPresas team