iPresas assists the Inter-American Development Bank in the elaboration of the ‘Disaster and Climate Change Risk Assessment Methodology for IDB Projects’

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has recently published a new technical reference document, titled ‘Disaster and Climate Change Risk Assessment Methodology for IDB Projects’, whose objective is to provide a technically and operationally robust framework that answers questions such as how should a project screen for and assess disaster and climate change risk, what are the next steps once risks have been identified, or how should disaster and climate change risk be integrated at different project stages.

The team at iPresas has contributed to the elaboration of this methodology, principally through its founding partner Ignacio Escuder, assisting and collaborating with members of the IDB in tasks such as the conceptualization of the five steps of the methodology, the formulation of the criticality tables, and supplying specific inputs related to the hydropower sector.