The Project for the Development of a Risks Analysis Tool for Hydraulic Equipment of Hydroelectric Dams, co-financed by the AVI, has been completed

The Generalitat Valenciana (Regional Government in Spain), through the co-financing program Promotion of Talent /L2. Incorporation of the Valencian Innovation Agency (Agencia Valenciana de la Innovación, AVI), granted in June 2019 to iPresas an aid for the realization of the project entitled Development of a Risks Analysis Tool for Hydraulic Equipment of Hydroelectric Dams.

This aid is based on the incorporation of researchers and technologists for innovation projects in companies to promote the strengthening and development of the Valencian Innovation System for the improvement of the productive model. In this case, the grant allowed the incorporation to the company of the researcher Vicente Pardo, PhD Civil Engineer and specialist in R&D projects.

The project has allowed iPresas to start a new business line, which allows, on the one hand, to support decision-making in the design and maintenance of equipment related to generation in hydroelectric dams and, on the other hand, to facilitate the management of current dams in terms of risks, as well as the relevance of undertaking certain maintenance and prevention actions.

In this sense, this project allows incorporating the results of the analysis of the structures and the equipment linked to the hydraulic generation to the process of failure modes identification of the dam and the quantitative risk analysis of it.

The iPresas team would like to thank the Valencian Innovation Agency for its trust and constant support.