Risk analysis of Membrío Dam


Membrío dam is located north-west of the province of Cáceres (Spain), within the Tajo river basin. The main purpose of this dam is to provide water supply to Membrío, and its operation started in 1978. This system includes two earthfill dams: a 16 m high main dam and also a 8 m high saddle dam.

The work conducted by iPresas in 2015 focused on the analysis of current risk for the identified failure modes, with special attention to potential internal erosion mechanisms, and the evaluation of the impact on risk of different measures, including improved drainage at the downstream toe of the main dam.

This work represents the second project conducted by iPresas for the dam owner, Junta de Extremadura.

The risk analysis process developed for Membrío dam was conducted in clos collaboration with the consultant on conservation, maintenance and operating support for the dam, PAYMACOTAS EXTREMADURA.