New iPresas platform: Natural and Infrastructure Risk Manager

Our services

iPresas’ team has more than 20 years of experience on dam safety management and the application of risk analysis techniques to inform decision-making for infrastructure governance.


We conduct consultancy services for the analysis and evaluation of risk for safety management of dams and other infrastructures.

Software development

We develop software tools to support risk analysis and infrastructure management at portfolio scale.

iPresas generates 70% of its revenue through international projects

This is the result of several years of work with focus on internationalization and access to the global market, which highlights for the existing and future need for providing tools to support decision-making on infrastructure management.

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Research, development and innovation

We develop research and innovation activities to improve our products and services.


We perform and organize training and capacity building actions specialized on risk analysis and management.

Our proposal

The reasons why you should choose our services:


We provide innovative services based on the application of risk analysis techniques to support dam safety and infrastructure management.


We offer high quality technical assistance to inform decision-making processes for infrastructure governance.


We adapt our services and products to the needs of our clients.


We work worldwide to provide our know-how and expertise to face global challenges on international projects.

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